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Internationalisation of Websites and E-Commerce Businesses:

Websites, Webshops and Online Services

The global e-commerce market is expanding rapidly every year. The Internet availability in more regions means that new markets are constantly being created while the growth of the online sales in the existing markets will continue to increase with no signs of slowing down. In order to participate in the worldwide business, successful Internet companies rely on multilingual websites.

E-commerce and website translations go hand-in-hand

Hardly any online business that would like to have a presence can afford to ignore foreign language markets. Clever shop operators have already relied for years on the website translation and internationalisation of their e-commerce businesses. These days, above all start-ups use two or three languages from the very outset because it is no longer a secret: Multilingual company websites are more successful internationally than those which specialise only in one language region and thus in a greatly-restricted market. In this regard, in addition to the national language, above all English as the business language as well as Spanish and French are the classical languages of webshops and other Internet sites.

Aside from the classical and our local markets, the Asian languages are currently the focus of translations. China’s e-commerce sector is expanding disproportionately together with the massive sales of the world’s largest online retailer, Alibaba. China is currently No. 1 in the worldwide online business. Japan’s e-commerce sales are among the Top 5 in the world. The online retailer Rakuten not only leads the website usage in Japan, but rather is also one of the largest worldwide.

The importance of a localised website becomes evident in many statistics. 72.4 % of consumers are more prone to buy a product when the information is available in their mother tongue. Besides, studies show that 85 % of customers will not purchase a product at all without any information about it in their native language.

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Translators think beyond the text

The translation of your website content can be carried out in two parts: legal content and marketing content. Separating these two parts ensures a higher quality of the translation.

1. Marketing, websites and transcreation

It is great if one has professionals on hand who can translate your website into all possible languages. Professional marketing is essential. The translations must be formulated in a sensitive and individual manner in which the local language use and cultural aspects must always be taken into consideration. A text only works if one considers the target group and selects the fitting words. Which feelings and emotion people associate with colours and symbols is an elementary part of a translator’s work. It will guarantee a respectable web presence and will display a high level of professionalism.

2. Legal and administrative texts

Legal requirements for websites do not decrease. Our translators are equipped with the necessary expertise and will smoothly translate this part of your website. Furthermore, they will check its legal accuracy for the target country in order to prevent possible legal consequences in advance. We will happily take on your data protection documents and terms and conditions.
If needed, we will also translate your contact forms or information requests.

Localization and international SEO

Search engine optimisation (SEO) makes up a considerable part of the success of websites. This creates another area of responsibility for translators in which they can show off their know-how. They will find the right search keywords and phrasings that will increase the visibility of your internationalised website for search engines. This effort is vital, as incomplete metadata, keywords and description texts will make it more difficult for you to optimize your website for more and more languages. We will always keep this in mind while writing your content. Nevertheless, well-written content is our top priority.

Countries and languages can not simply be equate. There are many countries in which English is being spoken, but there are big differences between American and British English. Some countries even have multiple official vernaculars, thus, the website must be available in all of these languages. For example, a Belgian website must be translated into French, Dutch and German to include all parts of the Belgian population.

Sizes and weight indications do also vary across borders. An English pound does not weigh as much as a kilogram in France or Germany. The same applies to currencies, tax payments and a lot of other things.

The needs and cultural factors determine what will appeal to customers in their respective country. For instance, Siemens’ website for India presents content that focuses on affordable technological solutions that will provide infrastructure or medical care, whereas its Norwegian counterpart concentrates on innovative solutions for the marine industry. Hence, the needs of the respective country will be addressed.

Technical parameters: We deliver according to your needs

In most cases of website translations the length of the source text does not match that of the target text. This can become a problem when it comes to pop-ups and buttons. Our project management will thus carefully observe the number of characters and if necessary, provide solutions. Thanks to the UTF-8 Unicode Standard we can display both languages with Latin writing and languages with Cyrillic, Arabic or Chinese writing.

Do you have difficulty finding a translator for your website because no one can deliver the texts in your file format? We will deliver your translation according to your needs. We offer you three options.

  1. Send us all your content in word or excel files. You will receive word files in the same layout; excel files can be translated in a second column, if wanted.
  2. We can directly edit your exported subpages without damaging the HTML code. You will receive the files as HTML or XML. In this way you can simply re-import your files in the requested target language.
  3. If you wish, we can also directly edit the translation in your content management system. Your translation will then be safe in your CMS. If you have a website that was created in WordPress, we can easily translate it via WPML.

Linguarum recently completed the following website translations:


For the placement agency of various motorhome providers, approx. 49,000 words were translated into English, French and Dutch in less than 30 days for the online booking route and the rental conditions.


XTB International Limited

As our regular customer, XTB International Limited ordered the translation of several HTML files for their web presence from English into Arabic. We were able to deliver 5800 words without damaging the HTML coding.


Wasser für Wasser

For the social aid organisation, which wants to change the use and the access to drinking water in a sustainable way, we took over the translation of about 22.000 words into Swiss French as well as the SEO optimization.


Otto Franck Import

For the large food importer and wholesaler, we not only translated the website of approx. 4,700 words from German into English, but also localised the content for the British market.



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