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Medical Translations which are Proofread Three Times

We are an Experienced Team of Specialists

Our medical translator team consists of 38 physicians, specialised translators and psychotherapists with more than 271,832 translated medical words.

More than 180 successfully-implemented projects prove that we, as a global player, take our work very seriously.

We offer medical translations in all specialised health areas.

Specialised Medical Translations

Our specialised translation team possesses many years of practical experience and medical expertise. The hand-picked translators are quite familiar with the specialised medical jargon.

The translation of medical documents is entrusted only to highly-qualified translators (including Dr. med.) with many years of experience. At, native language translators with university diplomas with a specialisation in medicine cooperate with physicians and other experts from the medical segment.

For translations into English (U.K./U.S.), Spanish, Italian and French, we have a permanent team of native speakers at our disposal who possess comprehensive experience in the medical products segment and their marketing and are correspondingly familiar with the terminology.

We will translate for You

  • Instructions, descriptions
  • Prescriptions from physicians
  • Documentation of patients’ treatments
  • Research, presentations
  • Web sites of medical practices and hospitals
  • Research articles


In cooperation with our employees and contractual partners, we can cover a wide array of diverse language services. We work with all popular file types and file formats.

Work Examples from Our Medical Translations


Charité University Medicine Berlin

The Charité, whose doctors research, heal and teach at the highest level, is one of the largest university hospitals in Europe. As part of a major project for the clinic, we carried out a website translation from German into English, which comprised around 20,700 words.



Düsseldorf University Hospital

The Institute of Human Genetics asked us to provide a translation of a declaration of consent, a data protection declaration and an information brochure from German into Turkish, comprised of 7,000 words. The Institute’s work revolves around patient care (genetic advice and laboratory diagnostics) as well as research and teaching on a universitary level.


University Medicine Greifswald

The University Hospital attaches great importance both to the treatment of its patients and to the education of its students. We are pleased, that we have translated the comprehensive module catalogue of the Master’s program “Aesthetic Laser Medicine” from German into English, consisting of approximately 2,800 words.


Further work examples:

» Cardiological findings from German into English

» Report on the introduction of new medical products from German into Norwegian and Swedish

» Description of surgical aids, 5,434 words from French into German

» Documents from a patient’s treatment for a private client, two pages from Dutch into German

» Studies from a private instructor, 8,221 words from German into English

» User’s manual for a blood pressure device, 980 words from English into Arabic

» Localisation of the web site of a dental practice for plastic surgery, 32,321 words from German into Arabic, Turkish and Vietnamese


We would be glad to assist you at any time and advise you on your medical translation project in segments such as, for example, human medicine, veterinary medicine, healthcare, dentistry, medical technology or medical research. Obtain a cost estimate in an uncomplicated fashion: Click on the Inquiry button below on the page in order to be guided to our price calculator where you can conveniently upload your documents and select the desired language combinations.

Our employees are available to assist you daily from 08:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

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