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Professional marketing: Translate your brochures, catalogues and flyers

Increase your customer reach with a multilingual selection of brochures, flyers, catalogues and more print media. Our experienced team of experts will be happy to help you – we can take care of your translation projects all the way to print and, if needed, we can also adapt the graphics using the most suitable software.

Feel free to contact us with your translation project including graphics processing!

A multilingual catalogue with our expertise

Our goal is to find tailor-made solutions for your translation projects that you will be 100% satisfied with. To make this a reality, simply share all of your ideas with our project managers, as well as how you are going to use your marketing materials and your target audience. In our experience, translating print media can bring up various challenges and peculiarities that we would like to tell you about below:

The best file format for a trouble-free translation including graphics processing

To create a quote for your translation project, all we need is your source text as a PDF. If you choose to place your order with us, though, we would ask for an editable file if possible. The best way to process your documents is with Adobe InDesign, which will allow our translators to work on your texts efficiently using professional translation software. Plus, there is no need to convert content for the graphics processing. Our team of graphic designers always work with the most up-to-date version of Adobe InDesign, which is the leading software in layout and desktop publishing. The cost of processing the graphics in your files depends on the specific demands of each project. We can either agree on a flat rate beforehand or we can charge a rate of €35 per hour (net) after the graphics have been processed.

Text length changed in translation

Translating a text into another language tends to have an effect on its length. If an English text is translated into German, for example, you can almost always assume that the text will get longer. The shorter the original text, the greater the difference in length will be. Length limits may seem like a good idea for the translation, but in practice they are difficult to achieve without losing some of the content. For this reason, adapting the graphics in the document is often a better bet.

Your satisfaction is our goal

As company-specific abbreviations and product designations are always likely to throw up doubts and queries, your project manager will be in constant contact with both you and the translators. Constant quality control and customer-oriented project support are our top priority. This allows us to incorporate any desired changes or suggested alterations from both sides as quickly as possible. To avoid an incorrect line break going undetected, for example, the translator will proofread the finished and formatted document one more time before it goes to print. This step allows for both subjective and style-related suggestions, which is why we also ask our customers to share your opinion with us in order to improve the quality of the translation in terms of customer satisfaction. Our standard package already includes two proofreads of the final document before it goes to print.

However, if a serious error on our part makes your medium unusable for its original purpose after it has been printed, our liability insurance will cover the resulting costs up to a maximum of €100,000.

Marketing translations with cultural localisation

Translating marketing texts takes a lot of sensitivity. Word-for-word translations are often not possible and generally don’t make sense either. Why is this? Like many other translations, marketing texts also have to be adapted to cultural and linguistic peculiarities in the target language. Lots of sayings, idiomatic expressions, and alliteration can’t simply be translated literally, while forms of address and specific terminology have to be taken into account too. In the case of major cultural differences in the target country, it may also be necessary to adapt marketing translations to certain social values and norms.

Brand messages that hit the mark

Marketing texts are often about speaking to the right target group in the right way. In order to align word choices, style and even content with your target audience, it’s important to know what tone is to be used and what emotions are to be stimulated. We not only offer you a precise and striking translation, but marketing texts that put across exactly the right brand and advertising message.

Accurate localisation taking cultural differences into account

Marketing texts don’t just have to be translated, they also have to be adapted to the target country. We call this process localisation. It might mean adapting texts and messages to legal or cultural peculiarities in the target countries to ensure that contracts comply with local legal standards or to avoid potential misunderstandings. Alongside linguistic expressions, localisation also takes the following aspects into account:

  • Units of measure, telephone number formats, currencies and date formats have to be adapted to the system used in the target country.

  • Layout and colour schemes may also need to be modified. In many Asian countries, for example, white is the colour of mourning – not only do translations into Arabic and Hebrew change the reading and writing direction, the entire text image has to be adapted.

  • Graphics and symbols have to be localised if they don’t make sense in other countries or could even cause offence.

Alongside marketing campaigns, the content of mobile apps, software products, and websites for international users also have to be localised.

Our translators deliver ISO-certified quality

Marketing translations require utmost precision for the foreign market, on both a linguistic and a cultural level. The translation ought to put the desired message across to the target group in an appropriate way and with the right tone, making sure to avoid any cultural stumbling blocks. For this reason, translators of marketing texts not only need excellent language skills (and a keen understanding of the target country’s culture), but to be familiar with the principles of marketing too.

We work with a range of creative translators and native speakers with the expertise required to produce the perfect translation of your marketing text. All of our translators have many years of experience and are distinguished by their speed, their specialist knowledge and the very highest quality. With us you entrust your texts to certified pros – we guarantee the ideal solution for your marketing texts and your commercial and communication documents.

If you’d like retrospective changes such as a monolingual edit, for example, of course we will also be happy to help with this.

„Ich liebe die Unabhängigkeit, die Vielfalt und die Herausforderungen, die das Übersetzen mit sich bringt. Es ermöglicht mir mit meinen Sprachen zu arbeiten, die meine Leidenschaft sind.“

Sean, specialist translator DE → EN

„I love the independence, the variety and the challenge of working in translation. It allows me to work with my languages, which are my passion.“

Practical examples of brochures and catalogues translated by us

The Kaleidoscope Plus Group

We recently translated information material as well as leaflets in .pub (Microsoft Office Publisher) format for the British charity The Kaleidoscope Plus Group. Our work comprised a total of seven files that were translated into 31 languages and subsequently formatted. The Kaleidoscope Plus Group is based in Sandwell (UK) and works on promoting and supporting mental health.

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