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Technical Translations: Ready to Print

Skilfully crafted technical translations with quality assurance

As globalisation pushes forward and business relationships are more and more interlinked, a multilingual repertory of technical documents is indispensable in today’s world. It often isn’t enough to just translate instruction manuals into German and English. That’s where Linguarum comes in: We are your partner for professional technical translations into and out of more than 50 languages.

Technical translations you can trust

Translation memories ensure efficiency and consistency

For translations in the technical sector in particular we work with translation memories, which are able to recognise repeated passages of text and provide helpful reference material in the translation process to ensure that technical terms and terminology are used correctly. This is how we guarantee accurate, consistent and high-quality translations, and at the same time organise the translating process more efficiently. If required, we will also be happy to maintain a translation memory created specifically for your company.

The quality of translations can also be optimised even further with a company-specific glossary. In this case, our translators can refer to a set of established terms to ensure that your technical language is always used consistently. We will be happy to work with you in laying down the terminology for your specialist language and company voice, and we will put together all important terms and their approved spellings in the languages you require.

Native-speaking translators with technical expertise

The more specific the handbook or instruction manual, the more expertise the translator needs in the subject matter. We work with a wide range of highly qualified native speakers, and you too can take advantage of their many years of experience in technical fields including engineering, mechanics and technical drawings. Our translators’ specialisation assures the very best technical expertise in foreign languages: We translate user instructions, construction plans and technical descriptions to ensure that the documents fit your individual requirements perfectly.

Expert and all-encompassing project management

Linguarum not only provides project handling and coordination of the translation from the very first step, but also in-depth project advice. Our project managers’ communicate dynamically and we work efficiently in close contact with our clients to see your projects all the way to the agreed deadline. Our project managers have all the knowledge necessary to meet our clients’ exacting quality standards and to check translations are accurate in both content and style. Our in-house procedure to produce translations is 100% transparent and follows a superbly simple sequence:


The project starts when you give the green light. We generally send the completed translation by email – or if required via our FTP server – within the agreed deadline. Upon completion, you as a business client then receive an invoice from us that is to be settled within 30 days.

„Ich übersetze leidenschaftlich gern. Neue Texte, neue interessante Herausforderungen. Jeden Tag etwas Neues. Ich liebe diese Vielfalt und das schon seit Jahrzehnten.“

Angelika, specialist translator DE → EN (UK)

“I am passionate about translations. New texts, new interesting challenges. Something new every day. I love this plethora of words and have done so for decades.”

Our range for technical translations

We deliver your specialist translations in the format you wish. We will generally produce your technical translation in the original document format in order to maintain the original layout. Upon request, however, we will also be happy to edit any graphics or illustrations. Files produced using specialised software such as InDesign can also be delivered in the original format. If you wish we can also take care of your translation projects all the way to print, and where necessary we can handle the graphics processing too.

Linguarum lets you choose between two quality levels:


Our expert linguists exclusively translate from a foreign language (source language) into their native language, which will be your target language. Our project managers keep a close eye on quality assurance throughout the entire project.

Specialist translations following the ‘Six-Eye Principle’ 

Your project includes a proofread and is broken into three phases, with a clear focus on the required quality at all times. The initial translation is corrected by a second, independent technical translator and is then sent back to the original translator to produce the clean, coherent final version. At the same time, our project managers carry out careful quality-assurance checks at all stages of the process.

Both quality levels comprise the following points for successful quality assurance

  • Professional technical translators: Our technical translators are qualified and have at least five years of professional experience. They are personally selected for your translation project based on their specialist expertise.

  • Exclusively native speakers: Our linguists exclusively translate from a foreign language into their own native language.

  • Supervision by project managers: Our project managers check the quality throughout the whole duration of the project, and are available to assist you with any questions you may have.

  • Terminology database: We set up and manage an individual terminology bank to guarantee consistency in future projects.

  • Audience-specific phrasing: We deal with the professional localisation of all your content to produce easily understandable texts that speak your target group’s language.

Testimonials from previous technical translation projects

Innogy SE

We were able to translate two internal business correspondence of technical content for Innogy within afew days. A total of approximately 3,600 words were translated from English into Vietnamese.


Huhtamaki Group 

For Huhtamaki, our trained technical translators have translated 3,350 words of user guidelines for electronics, including the corresponding graphics, from German into US English.



In the summer of 2018, our technical translators were able to translate a bill of quantities and a maintenance contract from German into Spanish amounting to approximately 13,500 words.


SodaStream International Ltd.

The manufacturer of sparkling water makers has received a translation of a maintenance manual from English into German from us. This was about 14,000 words and an order value of about 2,300 Euro.


Heidolph Instruments GmbH & Co. KG

We regularly translate technical manuals, safety data sheets and operating instructions for Heidolph Instruments. As our regular customer, Heidolph has already received deliveries in 14 different languages.

Have you got any questions about your technical translation project?

Simply send us your file by email, and we will be happy to let you know the time necessary and the cost of a technical translation tailored to your requirements. Alternatively, you can use our online price calculator to produce your own quote. Simply drag and drop your file to upload it, select your language combination and specialist field, and within a few minutes you will receive an email with a cost estimate for your translation.

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