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Translations for Mobile and Desktop Applications

Use of the Translation in the IT Segment

Globalisation and Networking

A world without the Internet and the computer is no longer conceivable. Everybody is online and interconnected. The information technology continues to forge ahead in order to make processes faster and more efficient and in order to process the massive data quantities. Accordingly, the demand for translations in the IT and software segments is high in order to enable their users to use their devices and software as easily as possible. The computer language extends beyond the human languages and thus has the power to bring people together.

Your Partner in Global Competition

Profit right now from this potential by commissioning us to do your translation! At, we have a high number of native language translators who specialise in the technological sector. They are extremely experienced working with the specialised language of applications as well as programmes, technologies and computers. Thus, we can promise you the highest-quality translation which is done quickly and at a great price.

We Translate and Localise for You

  • Websites of all kinds
  • Apps and online applications
  • Software resource files including help files
  • Knowledge bases and documentation
  • Software-Strings
  •  Audio- and video-tapes
  • Computer games and menus
  • Hardware manuals
  • IT agreements
  • Specialised articles and IT magazines
  • Telecommunications and multi-media

„Ich liebe die Unabhängigkeit, die Vielfalt und die Herausforderungen, die das Übersetzen mit sich bringt. Es ermöglicht mir mit meinen Sprachen zu arbeiten, die meine Leidenschaft sind.“

Sean, Fachübersetzer DE → EN

„I love the independence, the variety and the challenge of working in translation. It allows me to work with my languages, which are my passion.“

Work Examples from Our IT Translations

  • Translations for a German software company from French into German
  • Manual for an Android app from German into French
  • Translation of an iPhone application from Dutch into German
  • Localisation of software strings
  • Translations of the Internet site of an IT service provider from English into German
  • Training materials for an IT consulting firm from German into English
  • Translation of a software manual from English into German

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  • DTP

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